日本語 (Japanese)

  LCJE Asia Regional Conference
Jewish Evangelism in East Asia:
Looking for Opportunities, Making Connections
November 13 to 18, 2017
Wakayama, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
  Hosted by Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) Japan

LCJE Japan announces a landmark conference to be held in November 2017 to connect Christians in East Asia to Jewish mission organizations interested in reaching East Asia’s increasingly diverse Jewish population. The gospel is "for the Jew first" in East Asia too!


1. Words from the organizer
2. Messages of support
3. Schedule
4. Speakers and panelists
5. Costs for international participants
6. Qualification for participation
7. How to apply
8. Deadline for application
9. Supporting organizations
10. Hosting team

By God's grace, the enrollment for foreign guests is now full, as of July 11th.
We cannot accept new application from outside Japan, but if you are really interested, please see 7. How to apply.

1. Words from Organizer

       Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) Japan announces the first conference ever to be held to build network among local churches and church bodies in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other parts of East Asia, along with Jewish mission organizations from outside the region that nevertheless would like to reach Jewish people visiting or resident in this part of the globe. Our aim is to foster all kinds of practical introductions and lasting connections between Asian Christians and Jewish mission organizations, together to bring the gospel to Jewish people here in East Asia.
      This conference, "Jewish Evangelism in East Asia: Looking for Opportunities, Making Connections" will be held this year at Wakayama Lutheran Church in Wakayama City, Japan, from November 13 (Monday) to November 15 (Wednesday), followed by forums on Jewish Evangelism for the interested Christian public in Osaka November 16 (Thursday) and Tokyo November 18 (Saturday).
      Jewish people both of the Diaspora and Israel increasingly are found in East Asia. So why not greet them with Messiah Yeshua and His Jewish gospel, in this region where that would be the last thing anyone would ever expect, for whatever reason they're here? We Christians in this part of the world must work together in taking the first necessary and practical steps in establishing mission workers in the varied countries of this region. We need to talk!
      You'd be surprised at the needs, the possibilities, and the willingness of your brothers and sisters in LCJE Japan, LCJE Korea, and LCJE Hong Kong to get on with this work. What we want to do is to challenge Asian Christians to that same willingness. Won't you help us? We hope to see you here in November 2017!

Charles Klingensmith
LCJE Japan Area Coordinator
Jeong Jacob Lee
LCJE Korea Area Coordinator
Charles Klingensmith   Jacob Lee

2. Messages of support

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
      Greetings in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Seed of Abraham, Son of David, our Messiah, our Savior.
      I am excited to know that you are gathering in Japan, a country so very dear to my heart. To those reaching out to Jewish men and women in East Asia and to those who are visiting from outside of the region who are passionate about seeing the Gospel proclaimed to the Jewish people, I welcome you all. It is my prayer that new and unique partnerships will arise between churches and between church and para-church, all for the glory of Jesus Messiah.
      I am grateful to our hosts at Wakayama Lutheran Church. Thank you for your faithful service to the region and for this important issue.
      Thank you to the organizers of this event, representing multiple countries and organizations. I am sure that you have put in long hours to make sure that every part of the gathering is fruitful and meaningful. We do not know how much work it has been, but the Lord knows! And we thank you warmly.
      The first two parts of the Lausanne Movement vision is (1) The Gospel for Every Person and (2) An Evangelical Church for Every People Group. That is why I am so very excited about your gathering. "Salvation is from the Jews,” our Lord has said. And as Paul has said, the Gospel is “first to the Jew, then to the Gentile." The Gospel is from the Jew AND for the Jew. For every Jew who will call on the name of the Lord will be saved. So, brothers and sisters, let us see the Gospel proclaimed to every Jewish man and woman, and the Church among the Jews strengthened and multiplied.
      That the Lamb might receive the reward of His sufferings,

Michael Oh
Global Executive Director / CEO
Lausanne Movement

      I am looking forward with great anticipation to our upcoming conference, "Jewish Evangelism in East Asia: Looking for Opportunities, Making Connections." This promises to be a landmark conference in bringing together the major Christian leaders and ministry workers throughout East Asia who have a burden for reaching Jewish people with the Good News of salvation in our Messiah Jesus and linking them with their Western counterparts who are involved in Jewish missions. I am deeply encouraged by the greeting of the Global Executive Director of the Lausanne Movement, Dr Michael Oh, for our conference, who recently wrote that "The Gospel is from the Jew AND for the Jew" and who expressed the hope that we can "see the Gospel proclaimed to every Jewish man and woman, and the Church among the Jews strengthened and multiplied." That is our great hope also and our vision! Please pray for all the conference preparations and that the Lord will move in a mighty way among us when we gather together in Wakayama City in November!

Jim Melnick
LCJE International Coordinator

3. Schedule (Details are subject to change.)
The main conference and the open forums will be conducted bilingually in English and Japanese with consecutive interpretation.

13 (Mon)
15 (Wed)

Venue 1: Wakayama Lutheran Church
Wakayama City, Japan

Venue 2:Wakayama Culture and Arts Foundation
Wakayama City, Japan

Accommodations: Hotel Avalorm Kino-Kuni,
Wakayama City

Monday, November 13: Dinner & Opening

Introduction & Dinner (at Wakayama Culture and Arts Foundation, 3F)
17:00-17:05 Orientation
17:05-17:15 LCJE Japan greetings (Charles Klingensmith)
17:15-17:25 LCJE Korea greetings (Jacob Lee)
17:25-17:50 PowerPoint slide show “And the Gentiles Shall Come to Thy Light”: Three Jewish Trailblazers in Mission to Asia—Isidor Loewenthal, Bernard Jean Bettelheim, Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky [施約瑟] (Charles Klingensmith)
17:50-18:00 Dinner time preparation
18:00-18:45 Introducing Guests while eating dinner
18:45-19:00 Break & move to the Small Hall
Opening (at Wakayama Culture and Arts Foundation, Small Hall)
19:00-19:30 Duo Takase mini Recital & reading of Psalm 122
19:30-20:20 Keynote Speech (Jim Melnik)
20:20-20:40 Prayer Time
20:40-20:45 Announcements, Closing

Tuesday, November 14: "Cross-cultural Jewish Evangelism: Difficulties and Solutions" (at Wakayama Lutheran Church)

09:45-10:00 Worship Songs (Hiroyuki Toyabe)
10:00-11:00 The Work of CWI in East Asia (Joseph Steinberg, Sarah Chan and Eugine Yu-Jen Tsai)
11:00-12:00 The Work of Korean Church for Jewish Evangelism (LCJE Korean personnel)
12:00-13:50 Lunch, Networking, Free time (options, quiet time on Akibasan, walking on Akibasan, enjoying Akibasan Prefectural Pool, sightseeing at Wakanoura)
13:50-14:00 Worship songs (Hiroyuki Toyabe)
14:00-15:00 Testimonies and Reports
     Jewish, Saved in Asia (Burton Bialek) 20 min
     Messianic Congregation in Tokyo (Paul Uchiyama) 20 min
     Reaching out to Jews in the heart of China (Timi Fan Chao/others) 20 min
15:00-15:15 Break
15:15-16:35 Japan as a Case Study (20min x 4)
     Jews in Japan / Growing Jewish Tourism (Shoji Ishiida) 20 min
     Welcoming Jews to the House of Prayer (Hwabong Lee) 20 min
     Reaching out to the Jews in Tokyo (Noriko Akimoto) 20 min
     Dangerous theologies concerning Israel (Kazuhito Yukizawa) 20 min
16:35-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Solutions: Theological and Educational Resources for Jewish Evangelism (30 min x 2)
     (I) (Barry Rubin) 30 min
     (II) (Elisabeth Eriksen Levy) 30 min

Wednesday, November 15: "Looking for Opportunities, Making Connections" (at Wakayama Lutheran Church)

09:45-10:00 Worship Songs (Hiroyuki Toyabe)
10:00-12:00 Reaching Israeli Tourists, Testimonies and Reports (40min x 3)
     Meeting Yeshua Far From Home: My Story, My Work (HIT, Omri Jaakobovich) 40 min
     Guesthouse (Celebrate Messiah New Zealand, Scott Brown) 40 min
     Sightseeing Guide (The Stepping Stone Tours Tutti, Odeliah Tseng and Iris Lo) 40 min
12:00-13:50 Lunch, Networking, Free time
13:50-14:00 Worship songs (Hiroyuki Toyabe)
14:00-14:40 Reaching Israeli Tourists: Street Evangelism ABCs (Bob Mendelsohn)
14:40-15:00 Break (preparation for panel discussion)
15:00-16:30 Panel Discussion on Jewish Evangelism in East Asia (panelists to be arranged at the conference site)
16:30-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Closing
     Messianic song, Mikhail Zinn, closing speech, Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew
16 (Thu)

Open Forum
Travel From Wakayama to Osaka

Venue: Kitahama International Bible Church,
Osaka City http://kibc.osaka.jp/index_e.html
Accommodations: Center Hotel Osaka

Program of Osaka Open Forum on November 16th

Download the LCJE Open Forum (Osaka and Tokyo) leaflet (PDF)

Part 1: Afternoon Session
14:00-14:10 Greetings, prayer, songs
14:10-14:25 Brief review of the Main Conference (slide show) by Charles Klingensmith
14:25-14:55 Keynote speech by Jim Melnick, including the review of the Main Conference
14:55-15:25 Review of the 2nd day of the Main Conference by foreign participants (to be continued)
15:25-15:30 Offering
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-17:00 Review of the 2nd day of the Main Conference by foreign participants (continuation)
17:00-18:30 Dinner break
Part 2: Evening Session
18:30-18:45 Songs and offering
18:45-20:15 Review of the 2nd day of the Main Conference by participants
20:15-20:30 Closing (short) remark and Aaronic blessing by Michael Zinn, announcements
17 (Fri)

Travel to
November 17 (Fri):
Travel to Tokyo
Accommodations: YMCA Hotel Tokyo

Sightseeing to the grave site of Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky*

*Schereschewsky (1831-1906) was an Orthodox Jew born in Russian Lithuania who believed in Jesus and became an Anglican missionary to China and the Anglican Bishop of Shanghai. He also lived in Tokyo from 1897 to 1906 and translated the Bible into Chinese languages there.
18 (Sat)

Open Forum
Venue: Ochanomizu Christian Center, Tokyo http://ochanomizu.cc/
Accommodations after the Forum: Not provided by LCJE Japan. Please contact us if assistance is needed.

Program of Tokyo Open Forum on November 18th

Download the LCJE Open Forum (Osaka and Tokyo) leaflet (PDF)

Part 1: Morning Session
Theological education on Jewish evangelism
10:00-10:15 Greetings, prayer, songs (Mamoru Hayakawa), offering.
10:15-11:15 Reports from Korea, Israel and the United States (20min X 3)
     Korea (Dr. Jin-Sup Kim, Baekseok University) 20 min
     Israel (Kenny Lim, University of the Holy Land) 20 min
     United States (Amy Downey, Tzedakah Ministries) 20 min
11:15-11:20 Break
11:20-11:30 Break
11:30-11:50 Japan (Makoto Fukui, Tamagawa Christ Church) 20 min
11:50-12:30 Discussion and Q&A 40 min
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
Part 2: Afternoon Session Review of the Main Conference
14:00-14:10 Songs (Mamoru Hayakawa) and Offering
14:10-14:25 Brief review of the Main Conference (slide show) by Pastor Klingensmith. 15min
14:25-14:45 Keynote speech (Jim Melnick) 20 min
14:45-15:35 Review of the 2nd day of the Main Conference by foreign participants
15:35-15:40 Offering 15:40-15:50 Break
15:50-16:45 Review of the 3rd day of the Main Conference by foreign participants
16:45-17:00 Closing (short) remark and Aaronic blessing by Michael Zinn, announcements
     You will be dismissed at 17:00 (no dinner included.)

Outline of the Tour and Locations

The main conference will end in the evening of November 15, but you are encouraged to join the open forums and discussions in Osaka and Tokyo on November 16 and 18, which will be a good opportunity to connect and have fellowship with Christians in Japan who are interested in Jewish evangelism. No additional fee is required to participate in the open forums and discussions, including transportations and accommodations.

If you want to extend your stay and join or speak in church services, please contact LCJE Japan. We will do our best to help you.

4. Speakers and panelists (in no particular order, as of October 19)

Jim Melnick (USA)
LCJE International Coordinator
Fluent in Russian language, he is in charge of the evangelism for Russian Jews at US-based Life in Messiah International.
He has been LCJE’s International Coordinator since 2011.
He is also the author of the recent book, "Jewish Giftedness and World Redemption: The Calling of Israel," published by Messianic Jewish Publishers.
Michael Zinn (Israel)
Chosen People Ministries, Israel Director
Born to Jewish family of Holocaust survivors and moved to Israel with wife Natalie in 1989. Studied at Ukrainian University (CEng), Hebrew University (BA), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MA), and Hebrew University.
Currently the director of Chosen People ministries in Israel and his office is in Jerusalem.
Joseph Steinberg (United Kingdom)
Christian Witness to Israel, CEO
Missionary with CWI for three years, then for the last 25 years he has worked with various churches and mission organisations in the UK.
Former UK director of Jews for Jesus and former director for Mission Stewardship at the Church Mission Society (CMS).
Sarah Chan (United Kingdom)
Christian Witness to Israel, Asia/Chinese Coordinator
Born in Hong Kong, she joined the staff of CWI in 1982 and has been sharing the gospel among the Jewish community in North West London ever since.
She has been CWl's Chinese coordinator since 1993. UK-based CWI has a branch in Hong Kong, China.
Barry Rubin (USA)
Messianic Jewish Publishers & Resources, President and Publisher
Running one of the world’s largest publishers of books and Bibles from a Messianic Jewish perspective and on Jewish evangelism.
The author of You Bring the Bagels, I'll Bring the Gospel: Sharing the Messiah With Your Jewish Neighbor.
Kenny Lim (Israel)
University of the Holy Land, Vice-President Mandarin Studies
Born in Singapore, graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.
Working in Jerusalem to raise up Chinese disciples of Jesus who will have such a life that would provoke Jews to jealousy.
Omri Jaakobovich (New Zealand)
Hosting Israeli Travelers, CEO
Building a worldwide network of guesthouses which host Israeli travelers for their salvation in their Messiah.
He himself is an Israeli who encountered the Messiah Yeshua through a Christian guesthouse owner in New Zealand.
Scott Brown (New Zealand)
Celebrate Messiah New Zealand, Director
His ministry has three accommodation facilities which provide free accommodation to thousands of young Israelis visiting NZ each year. These facilities are staffed with Jewish believers who actively share their faith with over 1000 Israelis guests each summer.
Odeliah Tseng Shun Yan Grace Janice (China)
The Stepping Stones Tutti, Co-founder
Providing free sight-seeing services to Jewish backpackers/travelers who visit Hong Kong so that they can evangelize them with the gospel.
Hoping to assist in other Asian countries so that they can form some kind of network of free sight-seeing services for Jewish people.
Iris Lo Wei Shan (China)
The Stepping Stones Tutti, Co-founder
Providing free sight-seeing services to Jewish backpackers/travelers who visit Hong Kong so that they can evangelize them with the gospel.
Hoping to assist in other Asian countries so that they can form some kind of network of free sight-seeing services for Jewish people.
Elizabeth Levi (Israel)
CEO of Caspari Center
Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish studies. We are a teaching ministry both for the local messianic body and for international studies from abroad.
Amy Downey (USA)
Tzedakah Ministries - President/Director
Tzedakah Ministries is a Jewish evangelistic ministry that specializes in equipping Christians/churches. Reaching out to Jewish and World Millennials with the Gospel of Messiah Jesus.
Eugine Yu-Jen Tsai (Taiwan)
Christian Witness to Israel, mobilizer/missionary candidate
Reaching young Jewish generation, reaching orthodox Jew, historical perspective in between Judaism and Christianity.

David Trubek & Victoria Trubek (Israel)
Serving as part of the leadership team of Tiferet Yeshua (Yeshua's Glory) Congregation in Tel Aviv.
Suporting the needy and volunteering for Tel Aviv municipality. Also organize volunteering days for the local day nursing home center.
Robynne (Israel)
Cosen People Ministries (Bet Sar Shalom) Director of Hebrew and English ministries in greater Tel Aviv.
Coordinator of Israeli back packer outreach short term trips in India/New Zealand/South America
Bob Mendelsohn (Australia)
Jews for Jesus Australia, CEO
We share the Gospel creatively and directly through publications sent in the post, or hand delivered on the streets with Jewish people. We also spend significant time in discipling Jewish believers.
Jeong Jacob Lee (Korea)
LCJE Korea Area Coordinator
General Director of Revive Israel Korea. Involved in many Israel-related ministries in Korea, including Isael Ministries Network (IMN), Toward Jerusalem Council II (TJCII).
Daniel Seong-Beom Boo (Korea)
Representative of LCJE Korea
Senior Pastor of the Vine Church. Involved in many Israel-related ministries in Korea, including Isael Ministries Network (IMN).
Byung-Kee Kwon (Korea)
Senior Pastor of Gugi Glory Church -Former President of a Presbyterian General Assembly -President, The Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Missionary Graduate (professionally Israel) -Awardee of Presidential Commendation for a performance that has evangelized more than 10,000 Jews - Representatives of the corporation representing the cultural performance of 330 times of unreached people including Israel.
Young-Dae Kim (Korea)
Senior Pastor of YongIn Mt. Hermon Church. General secretary of Israel Ministries Network. He works for Israel related Ministries such as Israel Theology Forum, Toward Jerusalem Council II, and Christian Witness to Israel (CWI Korea).
Jae-Nam Park (Korea)
Director of Israel School at Israel Ministries Network(IMN), Dean of Hansarang Messianic Seminary.
Jin-Sup Kim (Korea)
Ph.D. President, Baekseok Theological Seminary Chairperson, Asia Theological Association-Korea President, Shema Education Society President, Haggadah Education Forum Co-President, Israel Theology Forum leader.
Makoto Fukui (Japan)
Dean, Ochanomizu Bible Institute, Senior Pastor of Tamagawa Christ Church, Director of HFI(Hope and Faith International), Part-time teacher of Tokyo Christian University
Kazuhito Yukizawa (Japan)
Senior Pastor of Hinode Church, Professor of Kobe University, involved in many ministries related to Jewish Evangelism for more than 20 years.

Paul K. Uchiyama D.Min (Japan)
Leader of Tree of Life Messianic Congregation (located in Tokyo). Served in Ohev Israel Messianic Jewish Congregation,VA and sent to Tokyo by Ayts Chayim(Tree of Life) Messianic Synagogue, FL.

Hwabong Lee (Japan)
Founder and Pastor/Director of "Prayer House for All the Nations" in Saitama. This prayer house welcomed many Jews.

Junko Miyamoto (Japan)
Director of Eternnal Love Israel, Pastor of Shalom Church, started Jewish evangelism ministry in 1993, served in Christ Church in Jerusalem.

Shoji Ishiida (Japan)
A Bridge between Zion and Japan, Staff worker
Director of Baruch HaBa Kyoto, a recently established free guest house in Kyoto for Messianic Jewish Israeli travelers and their friends.
A Bridge between Zion and Japan ministry has a broad network with Israeli Messianic Jews and Asian Christians that loves Jewish people.

There will be more speakers and panelists.


5. Costs for International Participants

300 USD (includes hotel accommodations from November 13 evening to 17 evening in Wakayama, Osaka, and Tokyo; train/bus transportation from Wakayama to Tokyo; conference participation fee and conference materials).
Accommodations for the evening of Saturday, November 18 are not included.
Hotel and train reservations will be handled by LCJE Japan.
Conference participants are responsible for their own airfare to and from Japan, and transportation between the airport and the venue.

6. Qualification for participation

Anyone involved or interested in Jewish evangelism in East Asia is welcome. You do not necessarily have to be representing some mission organization.

7. How to apply

As we stated at the top of this page, the enrollment for foreign guests is now full. However, we can at least put you on the "waiting list", and notify you when the situation changes.

Please send email to info@lcje.asia
We will send the application form and guide you.

8. Deadline for application

Deadline for speakers: Friday, July 7th *EXPIRED*
Deadline for the others: Thursday, August 31st *NOW FULL*

9. Supporting organizations

Japan Lausanne Committee
LCJE Korea
A Bridge between Zion and Japan

10. Hosting Team

Charles Klingensmith
(LCJE Japan Coordinator)

Makoto Takase
(Hatikva Ministry in Japan)

Naoji Ishiida
(A Bridge between Zion and Japan)

Isaac Ishiguro
(Life in Messiah International)
    Many more from Japan

For further information, please contact Charles Klingensmith, LCJE Japan Area Coordinator, at rehoboth@gol.com
Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCLE) Japan http://lcjejapan.com/